About us


Over the past 20 years, thanks to a stable development, purchase of new machinery and continuous expansion of its offering, the company turnover increased ten times.

80% of the turnover is made up by the production for the Czech and Slovak market. The remaining, but not negligible 20%, is distributed among export to foreign clients, especially from Germany, Sweden, Austria, Benelux, and Spain, but also from overseas destinations, Chile and South Africa.

BRUSIVO spol. s.r.o. has been operating in the market of abrasive materials for 30 years already. Having been originally a small family-owned business, it has developed into a company with the greatest production volume in the Czech Republic that has a prominent name in the international market, too.

Because our aim is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality possible, we have been a general partner of TYROLIT from the very beginning of our wholesale activities. We also process and supply abrasive materials of the following brands: EKAMANT, VSM, PFERD, SUNMIGHT, and BIBIELLE.

Our assortment covers a wide range of products available as standard as well as special orders produced according to individual requirements of our customers.

In 2001, we started the production of endless abrasive belts. At the beginning of 2003, replacement of machinery was carried out and at present, we are able to bond both wide and narrow belts. The belts are produced on modern semi-automatic high precision machines ensuring high quality of joints.

At the end of 2005, we started to import high quality abrasive materials on a backing from the Korean manufacturer SUN-MIGHT.

administrative building

Designed by architects Ing.arch. Jiří Zábran and Ing.arch. Tereza Nová, ProArch project office, and implemented by Empex construction company, a new administrative building with a production hall was approved and solemnly put into operation in 2015.

The administrative building was later awarded as the 2014 Plzeň Region Building of the Year..


Our company puts emphasis on the development of young talents and is a proud sponsor and supporter of sports clubs of SKB Rokycany, TJ DDM Rokycany lední hokej o.s., and also choir Unique that, under the management of Vladana Poláčková, spreads a good name of Rokycany youth across Europe. 

history in brief

1992 – establishment of the company

1996 – new administrative hall

2000 – start of the production of narrow belts

2003 – new production hall

2004 – start of the production of cuts from jumbo rolls

2007 – a new machine for cuts

2008 – a new line for wide belts

2010 – establishment of a subsidiary in Slovakia

a new storage hall in Rokycany

replacement of the line for narrow belts

application machine

2012 – opening of a sales warehouse in Plzeň

2013 – printing machine

2015 – new administrative and production hall

2016 – we are expanding our product range with adhesive tapes of various types and applications

2017 – opening of the Training Centre under the auspices of the MPO     

           – the company is a major employer in its region

           – its turnover has increased tenfold over the past 25 years

2021 – expansion of the production capacity of Velcro discs

2022 – new warehouse hall

2023 – commissioning of a photovoltaic system


Visit our YouTube channel @brusivospols.r.o.

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