Automotive / metals & woods & alloys


if discs, then from us

The company Brusivo s.r.o. produces thousands of discs daily on various substrates and in many variations.

We produce common sizes as well as less used types.

Our production line has Biko and Chiesa die-cutting machines, which are able to process any material in a very short time.

why to choose our discs?

We buy abrasive substrates from world-class manufacturers and place great emphasis on quality. 

Producing quality products is the alpha and omega of our company and we do everything we can to supply our customers with first-class goods. 


We are able to produce any type of discs and sheets, including a variety of shapes and requirements. 

Velcro, sticker, fleece, foil or paper backed die-cuts and much more are commonplace.

automotive / wood and metal industry

Our die-cuts cover a wide range of applications – from auto repair and paint shops to various industrial paint shops and the wood and metal industries.


In 2021, we have dramatically increased the capacity of Velcro discs production.

We are now able to produce up to 60,000 discs per shift.

overview of punches


For proper clamping of the die cuts, it is necessary that the required machine or grinder includes a backing plate with, for example, Velcro or other alternative for clamping the grinding material. 

To make the selection process easier and more convenient for our customers, we also offer backing plates from our suppliers together with the die-cutting plates to meet your needs on any machine or hand-held electric/pneumatic grinding machine.

Are you interested in the offer?

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